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Illuminate Your Home
or Business Year Round

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Permanent Lighting for Your Home or Business

Everyone loves to decorate their house or business during the holidays, but nobody likes how quickly the decorations come down. Permanent RGBW lights are something that will change your entire perspective on lighting your home for the holidays and beyond.


At Illumination IQ, we take pride in our permanent RGBW light sets and we use only the best...Gemstone Lights®.

Our lights aren't just meant to be put on your house and then taken down.


At Illumination IQ, we believe in making our sets more than just holiday decorations. They can become the centerpiece of your holiday and architectural lighting needs. We offer Gemstone Lighting®, which allows you to enjoy your permanent lighting throughout the year...Every holiday or special event that comes along! This permanent lighting solution gives you the ability to:

  • Preset animations, you can create flowing patterns, fades, jumps, shifts and other fun or elegant movements.

  • Never have to climb ladders or take down your lights again. All you need Illumination IQ.

  • Enjoying complete control and versatility. Turn on a couple of lights for beautiful architectural lighting, light up a sidewalk or the entrance to your home. Options are endless!

Are you ready to stop the cycle of putting up and taking down your holiday lights and rely on Illumination IQ for Landscape Lighting Installation and Design?


Contact Illumination IQ today.  Your friends will be so jealous!

Gemstone Permanent Lighting
Gemstone Permanent Lighting
Gemstone Permanent Lighting

Traditional RGB lighting often claims they can produce "full-spectrum" light. While RGB color mixing can produce a wide range of customizable colors in different hues, using just red, green, and blue wavelengths is not enough to achieve the beautiful functional lighting most people desire. But the problem is, no RGB fixture can ever be truly "full-spectrum" because standard RGB LED strips cannot produce white even when all three colors are at full brightness.


RGBW lighting adds a dedicated warm white (true warm white) in every bulb, which enhances the color palette and allows for a wider range of shades without sacrificing saturation.

Gemstone Permanent Lighting for Commercial Real Estate


Gemstone Permanent Lighting for Special Events

Special Events

Gemstone Permanent Lighting for Holiday Decor

Holiday Décor

Gemstone Permanent Lighting for Architectural Lighting


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